Penrith Rubber Stamps is situated in Western Sydney. We don’t only service Penrith however. Whether you are in the surrounding areas of St Marys, Silverdale, Wallacia, Parramatta, Blacktown or the Blue Mountains or in the capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Canberra or Hobart or any of the places in between, we can still give you the same great service. Stamps are generally made within 24 hours and shipped using Express Post. This allows us to track deliveries online. We deliver Australia wide. We set up Penrith Rubber Stamps simply because we love making stamps. After years of working for a rubber stamp establishment in George Street Sydney, the business moved out of the area. This was followed by a short time working in Horwood Place Parramatta. Unfortunately this business also moved, this time to Brisbane. We decided to set up Penrith Rubber Stamps so we can keep doing what we love doing.

Exceptional service as our many customer testimonials will confirm.

Name stamps – address stamps – signature stamps – custom made rubber stamps – self inking stamps – business stamps – night club wrist stamps – Common Seals – Justice of the Peace stamps – stamps for Solicitors – loyalty club stamps – traditional stamps – wooden mount stamps – big stamps – little stamps – stamps – stamps – stamps – It’s what we do!

Rubber stamps have been around since the mid 1800′s. “Perhaps the most credible claimant to having invented the modern rubber stamp comes from a New Yorker named James Orton Woodruff. Sometime between 1864 and 1866, Woodruff witnessed wooden washtubs being stamped with hand carved rubber letters mounted on curved wooden blocks and using printer’s ink as the color medium. Although this already sounds suspiciously like a stamp, Woodruff seems to be given credit for inventing the rubber stamp because he thought to use vulcanization to improve the basic tool that he witnessed being used, and because, he began a well-publicized business to mass produce custom stamps. None of his stamps are known to remain in existence today, as the inks of the day contained solvents that destroyed the rubber, but some of his company’s stamp blocks reportedly still exist.” (excerpt from the website Prior to the rubber stamp, there were “metal marking devices”, usually made of brass. Stamps have come a long way since these early days although the principle stays the same. You have a raised image, made of rubber and it connects with ink. This inked image is then “stamped” onto paper. If you write the same thing at least 3 times everyday, then don’t write it…… rubber stamp it!

Inks and stamp pads. We carry a range of specialty inks and pads. Coloured inks, invisible ink (night club use, visible under black light), fast drying ink (for stamping on smooth surfaces).

Top quality: We pride ourselves on our finished product. We use the highest quality materials available, from the beautiful Australian hardwood which is used in our wooden mount traditional stamps, to the rubber used in our engraving machine.

Happy to help. At Penrith Rubber Stamps we realise that without our customers, we don’t have a business. We care about our customers and we want you to return. We will do everything we can to process your order as easily and smoothly as possible. That is our promise to you.

Please feel free to contact us with any of your rubber stamp requirements. We’re here and we are “happy to help”.