Changeable Line Numberers

Changeable line numberers are very useful in offices, factories and warehouses. They are handy for stamping batch numbers on boxes, stamping file numbers on folders etc. These are all used with a separate stamp pad. You can also have some of the bands changed to be Alphabetical instead of numerical. Some stamps can be modified to have a fixed text next to the bands as well. They can also be formatted as dates eg. 0 4 – 0 6 – 2 0 1 8 which would be a 10 band stamp.

For any enquiries please contact us below with a brief explanation of your requirements.

LN0304 – 3mm high x 4 bands

LN0306 – 3mm high x 6 bands

LN0308 – 3mm high x 8 bands

LN0310 – 3mm high x 10 bands

LN0312 – 3mm high x 12 bands


LN0404 – 4mm high x 4 bands

LN0406 – 4mm high x 6 bands

LN0408 – 4mm high x 8 bands

LN0410 – 4mm high x 10 bands

LN0412 – 4mm high x 12 bands

LN0504 – 5mm high x 4 bands

LN0506 – 5mm high x 6 bands

LN0508 – 5mm high x 8 bands

LN0510 – 5mm high x 10 bands

LN0512 – 5mm high x 12 bands


LN0704 – 7mm high x 4 bands

LN0706 – 7mm high x 6 bands

LN0708 – 7mm high x 8 bands

LN0710 – 7mm high x 10 bands

LN0712 – 7mm high x 12 bands

LN0904 – 9mm high x 4 bands

LN0906 – 9mm high x 6 bands

LN0908 – 9mm high x 8 bands

LN0910 – 9mm high x 10 bands

LN0912 – 9mm high x 12 bands


LN1204 – 12mm high x 4 bands

LN1206 – 12mm high x 6 bands

LN1208 – 12mm high x 8 bands

LN1210 – 12mm high x 10 bands

LN1212 – 12mm high x 12 bands

LN1504 – 15mm high x 4 bands

LN1506 – 15mm high x 6 bands

LN1508 – 15mm high x 8 bands

LN1510 – 15mm high x 10 bands

LN1512 – 15mm high x 12 bands


LN1804 – 18mm high x 4 bands

LN1806 – 18mm high x 6 bands

LN1808 – 18mm high x 8 bands

LN1810 – 18mm high x 10 bands

LN1812 – 18mm high x 12 bands


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